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The Software Developer Level 4 Apprenticeship is designed for individuals who build and test simple, high-quality code for software.

What does the Software Developer EPA involve?

The end point assessment, or EPA, for the Software Developer standard is made up of four components.


Summative Portfolio

Apprentices present evidence from real-work projects, illustrating the application of all the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the standard. This is produced towards the end of the apprenticeship with evidence from projects that have been completed.


Synoptic Project

The synoptic project presents evidence from a business-related project away from the day to day workplace. The project will cover a broad breadth of the competence outcomes, including building and testing simple high quality code, and typically takes five working days to complete.


Employer reference

The employer will provide a reference setting out their views of the quality of the apprentices work. The Assessment Organisation will provide guidance and a simple template seeking employers’ comments against the grading minimum standards, criteria and dimensions, as set out in the Occupational Brief.


Structured interview

A structured discussion between the apprentice and their independent assessor, focusing on the summative portfolio and the synoptic project, with reference to the employer reference as appropriate. It covers both what the apprentice has done in terms of the standard of their work, and also how they have done it.

Apprenticeship standard

An apprenticeship standard is a short document based on an occupation, outlining the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) needed for someone to be competent in the occupation’s duties.
View the Software Developer Apprenticeship Standard on the Institute for Apprenticeships website

All apprenticeship standards have an accompanying assessment plan. This document details the independent assessment that apprentices will undertake at the end of the apprenticeship. This will include details on the assessment method(s) and processes that will be followed.
View the Software Developer assessment plan

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