About us

Putting the apprentice journey first

Progress Minded is a commercial, flexible and client focused end-point assessment organisation. We assess a range of standards, mainly across digital and business sectors.

We work closely with employers and training providers during the apprenticeship training delivery phase to ensure that everyone understands the end-point assessment process.

Our team of highly qualified industry experts conduct independent assessments. Through the life of the programme the personalised service supports all parties: apprentice, training provider and employer. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the range of relevant synoptic project options, we’re prepared to commit that with reasonable notice, no apprentice will be set a project which isn’t a close fit with his or her job role.

This is the first stage in our building a broader portfolio. If you are involved with a trailblazer or have EPAO issues on another standard then do please get in touch.

Progress Minded is part of The JGA Group, a 30 year established national training and apprenticeship provider and from which we draw our culture, ethics, quality and compliance expertise.

Our values

Our values underpin our culture and how we interact with apprentices, clients and assessors.

Our values are:

  • Positivity
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Transparency

Our approach

We’re commercial, flexible and client focused.

We provide extensive guidance and support to help all parties understand the expectations, requirements and processes for end-point assessment (EPA).

For standards with Synoptic Projects, we create a variety of projects to choose from so that the employer and apprentice can select a project that reflects their sector and job role.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service and ensuring regular communication with all parties. This is underpinned by the nearly 30 years experience of our parent company, The JGA Group.

We use ACE 360, an industry standard online system which links together all of the parties to EPA.

We serve a broad range of employers and training providers and are flexible and adaptable in our approach. This enables us to offer a bespoke EPA customer experience.

Progress Minded will request the certificate from Education and Skills Funding Agency and send it to the apprentice’s employer.

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