Guidance for Apprentices

Putting the apprentice journey first

Our team will support you through the process, ensuring you understand the expectations, requirements and processes for end-point assessment (EPA).

Roles and responsibilities

Progress Minded won’t be involved in your on-programme journey in order to remain independent and impartial. The beginning part of your apprenticeship will be delivered by your training provider.

You’ll learn a range of knowledge, skills and behaviours during your apprenticeship. This will allow you to work towards meeting the expectations of the occupation and evidence competence in the role. You’ll learn these knowledge, skills and behaviours through a mix of theoretical learning and training and practical experience from your workplace. You’ll keep a record of your learning and training as well as producing a portfolio to evidence your competence.

You’ll be supported by a mentor from your employer and formatively assessed by your training provider as you go through your apprenticeship. These assessments are not part of your end point assessment as they are designed to help you learn, improve and ensure progress is made through the apprenticeship standard.

Once you’ve completed your training and your employer agrees that you’re ready – you’ll progress into the end point assessment, known as gateway.

Your journey to EPA