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The Digital Support Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship is designed for individuals who are maximising the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software and digital communications in organisations.

What does Digital Support Technician EPA involve?

The end point assessment, or EPA, for the Digital Support Technician standard is made up of two components.


Knowledge test

The apprentice undertakes two on-line multiple-choice tests to assess knowledge and understanding. One on the core knowledge and one on the specialist knowledge.


Case study presentation and interview

This assessment has two parts: the presentation of a real-life case study that the apprentice has undertaken in the workplace followed by a structured interview with an independent assessor – assessing the knowledge, skills and behaviours demonstrated in the case study presentation, as well as drawing on those demonstrated in their portfolio.

Apprenticeship standard

An apprenticeship standard is a short document based on an occupation, outlining the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) needed for someone to be competent in the occupation’s duties.
View the Digital Support Technician Apprenticeship Standard on the Institute for Apprenticeships website

All apprenticeship standards have an accompanying assessment plan. This document details the independent assessment that apprentices will undertake at the end of the apprenticeship. This will include details on the assessment method(s) and processes that will be followed.
View the Digital Support Technician assessment plan

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