Junior Content Producer

The Junior Content Producer Level 3 Apprenticeship is designed for individuals who create content for a wide range of media, including digital, social media, broadcast and print.

What does the Junior Content Producer EPA involve?

The end point assessment, or EPA, for the Junior Content Producer standard is made up of three components.


Workplace Observation

Apprentices are observed completing work in their normal workplace, and will test the apprentice’s knowledge and skills developed in creating content, using media assets and storing content correctly.


Set Brief Test

The Set Brief test is designed to show an apprentice’s ability to respond to a commission, and develop a pitch idea in a short timescale; replicating working conditions. It is given to the apprentice on the morning of the assessment day and 3 hours are allocated for the apprentice to research and prepare their pitch for presentation.


Professional Discussion

This is a structured, in-depth two-way conversation between the apprentice and independent assessor. It covers what the Apprentice has done and how they have done it, reflecting on their performance throughout the Apprenticeship and where they might have approached things differently.

Apprenticeship standard

An apprenticeship standard is a short document based on an occupation, outlining the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) needed for someone to be competent in the occupation’s duties.
View the Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship Standard on the Institute for Apprenticeships website

All apprenticeship standards have an accompanying assessment plan. This document details the independent assessment that apprentices will undertake at the end of the apprenticeship. This will include details on the assessment method(s) and processes that will be followed. 
View the Junior Content Producer assessment plan

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